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FIRED UP Launch!

Welcome to the Launch of FIRED UP!

The Children’s Program Learn site is announcing a new offering online; Jeff Sosne has developed a program called FIRED UP where parents will get hands-on practical help to manage their children’s anger. The goal is to provide the tools parents need to teach children how to recognize and manage their anger triggers.

Parents will be able to view videos, read articles, get book recommendations and see activities on the site that will teach about the stages of anger, triggers and management strategies. The program will give parents the tools to learn and practice techniques to recognize a child’s anger triggers and manage that anger.

Please view the video below to get more information about FIRED UP. The class will begin with video content and will be expanded to include readings, handouts and other materials on a regular basis.

For more information about available modules and to view a sample module, click here

If you have any questions email

FIRED UP will launch officially on September25, 2023. The cost of the program is $100 for a one year subscription.

To register for the FIRED UP program, click here.

Frustration * Interruption * Refusal * Expectations * Disappointments * Unfairness * Provocations