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Fired Up Sample Page – Challenges of Anger Control


This page is available as a sample Fired Up program module. Currently there are 27 modules available. New material is being added and updated regularly.

Each topic module provides detailed subject information. All of the modules begin with a video discussion by Dr. Jeff Sosne. While some modules are short, others have several sections of information, including Recommended Readings, Websites and Podcasts, Activity Videos, Handouts, and Supplemental Slides. Every module is different based on the subject and available materials.

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“Getting Angry is Easy, Controlling Anger is Hard”

Helping children with anger is all about taking a proactive, preventative approach. In this module Dr. Sosne discusses some of the underlying issues that trigger a child’s anger.

Reviewed Challenge of Anger Control

Action Checklist

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Reviewed Challenge of Anger Control


Frustration * Interruption * Refusal * Expectations * Disappointments * Unfairness * Provocations