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PATA Launch

Welcome to the Launch of Pay Attention to Attention Online!

The Children’s Program Learn site is announcing a unique new offering online; Jeff Sosne’s popular Pay Attention to Attention class, where parents will get hands-on practical help based on Jeff’s 40 years of experience running classes. The goal is to provide the tools parents need to teach children how to better pay attention. Parents will be able to view videos, read articles, get book recommendations and see activities on the site that will teach about attention and how it works. The class will give you the tools to learn and practice techniques that will improve your child’s attention.

Please view the video below to get more information. The class will contain content similar to Dr. Sosne’s in person class, which has been unavailable due to Covid concerns.

To see a transcript of this video, click here.

To register for the Pay Attention to Attention class, click here