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PATA Sample Module – Thinking about ADHD


This page is available as a sample Pay Attention to Attention class module. Currently there are over 40 modules available, organized into 9 categories. New material is being added and updated. This Thinking About ADHD module is one of three contained in the Understanding ADHD category.

Categories contains topic modules which provide detailed subject information. All of the modules begin with a video discussion by Dr. Jeff Sosne. While some modules are short, others have several sections of information, including Recommended Readings, Websites and Podcasts, Activity Videos, Handouts, Supplemental Slides and Camera Rolls. Every module is different based on the subject and available materials.


  • Introductory Modules 
  • Understanding ADHD
  • Understanding Attention
  • Building and Bridging Attention Networks
  • Attention and Executive Functions
  • Building Positive Behaviors
  • Working with the School
  • Attention Training Activities
  • Points of Performance and Points of Struggle

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The class is available through Children’s Program LEARN website, cost is $100 for a 12 month subscription (not insurance billable). 

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This module emphasizes the importance of minimizing the labeling and stereotyping of children with an ADHD diagnosis and the building of a positive, proactive approach.

Reviewed Thinking About ADHD

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Additional Resources

ADHD Notebook and other Handouts
Websites and Podcasts

Thomas E. Brown, PhD, discusses ADHD diagnosis, ADHD symptoms, available ADHD treatment options, and ADHD medication. Click here

The American Academy of Pediatrics has a helpful Tool Kit addressing ADHD. Click here

Russ Barkley on the 30 Essential Ideas You should Know About ADHD. Click Here

Florida International University, Center for Children and Families, helpful research on ADHD, Medication and best treatments. Click Here

What is Sluggish Cognitive Tempo? Symptoms and Treatments. Click here

Sluggish Cognitive Tempo and ADHD: La Même ChoseClick here

The Other Attention Disorder Sluggish Cognitive Tempo vs ADHD, Russell Barkley, click here

Yoga Calm Video Series Part 1

What is ADHD?

This video was done in coordination with to explore the mind body connections possible for ADHD children. The video was filmed with adults but the activities are intended to be used with children. To view the entire series of videos, click here.